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It is a complete Honor when Photographers hire FireHeart for their most important moments -


SARAH & KALEB - Alivn Gee Photographer

"The Fulghams are in love...with your photos! Thank you so much for your hard work and amazing talent. We've looked at all the photos and showed them to both sets of our parents. We are so happy.

What is the next step for ordering prints and starting the album?

As they say in Italy, GRAZIE Francie!"

SARAH & DANIEL - Daniel Pawlowski DJ/Cinematographer

"OMG you are FANTASTIC! I can't believe how amazing the images are! Thanks for making our New Orleans wedding image perfect!"

CHELSEA'S BRIDAL PORTRAIT -Chelsea Pool Photographer

"OMG LOVE!! It looks like a painting and should be hanging in a gallery. You are Amazing! Thank you!"

CHANDLER & JOSH - Chis Smith Photographer

"There were lots of ooos and ahhs when Chandler received our canvas today. Chandler and Josh love it. #1. You are a phenomenal! #2. Chandler looks SOOOO happy, and so like her self. You completely captured her and her spirit the same way I have for so long"

I could have chosen any photographer I wanted. For my daughter's wedding, I was prepared to put my money where my mouth was. Buy the most expensive photographer you can afford, and one you trust with all of your heart. As a matter of fact, I called David & Luke Edmonson and Jerry & Melissa Ghionis to ask if they were available to photograph my daughter's wedding this past weekend. It turns out this weekend started a huge photography conference in Vegas where they are judging and they were unavailable. 

Once I realized that, I went immediately to the next best option, in my opinion, Francie Baltazar Stonestreet. No offense to any, and many, of my photography friends, because each of you is capable and deserving in your own right, but when I gave Chandler several options so she could choose for herself, we both settled on the same person. 

Wedding days are stressful work days for a photographer. Not only are you the coordinator, you're the pleaser, the giver, sometimes the boss, and psychiatrist, but you're also thinking technically, and artistically about how to execute the couple's vision. Without fail, Francie delivered for us. The engagement portraits are fantastic, the bridal portraits made this dad cry, and the wedding day was handled as timely, professionally, and tactfully as could be done. I know it must have felt strange shooting for a fellow photographer. I know i would have been a bit nervous. And if she was, I didn't know it. Francie, I'm proud to say you're my friend, my colleague, and my peer. I'm so glad we made the decision we did, and I'd do it again (but let's not, because we have to pay off this one first). smile emoticon. We look forward to seeing the images. Thank you, again.




"These are some of the best photos I have ever seen! What a beautiful job you have done for them!!! Memories of a lifetime!!!"

"Perfect storybook photos to match the storybook wedding! So glad we were a part!" 

"Oh what a night and the pictures truly captured that."

"These pictures belong in a magazine...stunningly beautiful!! Congratulations!!"


"Amazing!!! Tears!!! I'm calling Katelyn in the Bahamas!!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!❤️"


"We are just DYING!! They're so wonderful!!!"


"Francie made the photo process so painless and fun we appreciate your time spent with us and the high quality pictures you took to commemorate our wedding. I've been waiting to see these (Bridal) photos for months and they could not have turned out more beautiful."


"Francie was an absolute delight to work with for our engagement pictures and wedding day pictures! Her photographs are breathtaking as she captures timeless images. She loves photography and her work speaks for itself. I would recommend Francie to anyone looking for a professional, fun, and genuine photographer."


"I loved the blog post! It had my dad and I in tears when we saw it. All the pictures were beautiful in it."


"If you are looking for the perfect photographer, look no further. Francie with Fireheart Photography is absolutely amazing! She did our engagement and wedding photos and we could not be happier. Francie goes above and beyond to capture the images that you want and she gets things done, which is extremely valuable with a time constraint. She works extremely well under pressure and her love and passion for photography are absolutely undeniable. I felt as though Francie was just as excited about our wedding as I was. Her enthusiasm the day of the wedding made me feel so special!

Not to mention, Francie was so fun and easy to work with. Her assistant was equally as fun and easy to work with and more importantly, they worked so great together! My sneak peek was available to view on Facebook and the FireHeart blog just two days after the wedding and I had all of our wedding images just 2 weeks after the wedding. Francie and her assistant did not miss a single moment or detail of our wedding day and I looked flawless!

As a bride, that was so important to me and I looked just as I've always imagined. Francie has superb editing skills, but keeps her photographs so very natural. She is experienced and professional and it truly shows in her work. Francie will forever be my go-to photographer for life's most important events!"


"From the first moment I contacted Francie, I knew that I had chosen correctly. She is so personable and put everyone at ease. She had such a sense of how to pose the most beautiful photographs and get the most expressive and spontaneous shots. She arrived on time and never wasted a moment while she efficiently directed everyone in the wedding party to stage some very creative shots. Francie was the ultimate professional. She was responsive to my emails and phone calls. Everyone in my wedding party commented on how professional she was and how much fun she was to have at the wedding!"


"Francie, you are amazing at what you do! Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding experience and capturing such incredible images. We love them!"


"We loved the photos from our wedding and were thrilled that Francie entered them into Local, State, Regional and International photography competitions where it took top awards. She is an artist at heart with an amazing eye!"