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Houston Wedding Photograpers Gives Wedding Day Hacks to Make Your Wedding Day a Success

My goal as a Houston wedding photographer create photographs that are a timeless, creative and authentic view of your wedding and reception celebration. We are the storytellers of your day and, we want to capture the raw the emotion of the day, stunning portraits, fun wedding party images and breathtaking use of light.

I take an active approach to image making as your Houston wedding photographer, I have had the opportunity to photograph over 400 weddings in the last 13 years. Each wedding unique, each couple special, each image frozen in time to share with future generations.

My personal mission is to provide families with images which they can share for generations to come. I envision a couple sitting with their young children sharing the day their commitment of love became the covenant of marriage. With beautiful printed albums your love and wedding day can be shared over-and-over again.

Having photographed so many weddings in Houston, Galveston, Conroe, The Woodlands, Katy, Dallas, and destinations beyond Texas, I have seen and heard everything at weddings. Some will stay secrets, but most I will share here in a series of tips to make your day run smoothly and reduce the stress. Why as a Houston wedding photographer am I sharing this information? Simply put stressed out, running late, anxious couples just don’t make for beautiful images. Also, I have had 12 brides and grooms come to me After their weddings in Houston for “post wedding images.” They didn’t hire me for their wedding and regretted that decision, so they hired me after the wedding to capture couple images of them together.

While the flowers, cake, food, linens, chair covers, wedding favors and tuxes will all be gone after the wedding what you have is photographs. These images to take you back to this perfect day which you are planning every little detail. My want for you is to have photography from your Houston wedding which will last forever. This tells the story of your day, your love, your joy and your passion and we want to make that story happen for you.

So here are the start of my WEDDING DAY HACK List for a perfect wedding. I will be adding more of these tips under unique tabs so they will be easy to find and share.

Hair and Makeup Wedding Day Hack

Hair and Make-Up: Professional hair and make is a great idea for your wedding. Some brides choose to have the entire wedding party and mothers to get hair and make-up. No matter what the make up artist tells you allow 1 hour for each person and 2 hours for the bride.

WEDDING DAY HACK: BRIDE GETS HER HAIR AND MAKE UP DONE FIRST! Yes first. Nothing happens with photography without a bride. Really nothing. So being ready to put on your dress when the photographer arrives will make the best use of the photographer’s time.

Houston – Galveston – Conroe Wedding Photographers are creating the light

When planning your wedding in Houston this Houston wedding photographer knows that weather changes in the blink of an eye and that changes the light. Depending on the time of year where the sunsets changes. Where the light is how the light will be is something that couples rarely thing about. It matters greatly to me especially for outdoor weddings.

While we can do magically things with off camera flash to create light for portraits, wedding party and family photographs, we can’t do this for your outdoor wedding. Mid-day creates strong contrast and more harsh shadows.

Sunset ceremony’s are fabulous – but knowing where the sun will set is important. When the sun comes directly behind the couple it can created some issues for your photographers. While we can work around this it’s helpful if the sun is offset to the ceremony area or being filtered through trees.

After Sunset YES! We love night weddings! A night wedding lit with candles and string lights can be so romantic. We specialize in being able to capture the beauty and glow of your nighttime wedding.


Couple Portriats and Wedding Day Images

WEDDING DAY HACK: Allow enough time either pre-wedding or post wedding for couple portraits. These are the images no matter the time of day will be the images which you will want to make into wall art or highlight in your wedding album. 

Day of the Wedding Coordinator

Hire a wedding day coordinator: Some venues in Galveston, Conroe, Katy, Houston and around Texas provide you with a wedding day coordinator. Others do not. We love working with wedding planners and day of coordinators. They remove the stress of you having to do it all. It’s a great way to keep things moving on your wedding day and for you to let go and have fun.
WEDDING DAY HACK: Do all your planning up to the day then allow your professionals to do what you have asked them to do. Let go, relax, have fun. After all it’s your wedding day!

Emergency KIT Saves the Wedding Day

Emergency Kit: having a kit with a little bit of everything in it is great for the wedding. Some of the items I would suggest are: sewing kit, baby wipes, razor, safety pins, straight pens, deodorant, anti-chaffing sports stick, pain reliever, fashion tape (to make that bra not show or strap stay put), blotting papers, hair spray, face mist, clear polish, mouth wash, mole skin (for blisters)
WEDDING DAY HACK: Ask for this from your brides maids at a shower

Ditch the Shot LIst on Your Wedding Day

About that Shot list: All the wedding sites have a list which includes things like -bride getting dressed, rings, first kiss, exit etc. Any professional wedding photographer doesn’t need this list. While every photographer is different, this Houston, Conroe, Galveston wedding photographer creates a detailed timed outline for your photographs and what we really need is those must have images. They can include that you are carrying your grandmother bible, or you have your wedding date sewn into the lining of your wedding dress, or that you have a special gift for your groom, or your have a special presentation during the ceremony. Anything which makes your story of your wedding unique to you. We also want to know who you want for family and extended family photos.
WEDDING DAY HACK: want photos of your friends from college, or two buddies you grew up with or a group from the office? Put this list into the reception photos. When things calm down a bit you can round up these special friends and get photos you want with them.