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Q: What’s a CPP? Certified Professional Photographer?

  • A: Certified Professional Photographer is a professionally earned designation provided by Professional Photographers of America. It is a technical certification which is only awarded with the passing of a written exam and portfolio review. Less than 3000 photographers worldwide have achieved this designation and Francie is a CPP.

Q: What is a Master Photographer?

  • Awarded for superior photographic skills - demonstrated through PPA International Photographic Competition, advanced education and service to the industry. Of the 29,000 plus PPA members less than 10% hold this prestigious degree..

    Q: What is a Cr.Photog.? Photographic Craftsman?

    • A: Photographic Craftsman degrees are given to Professional Photographers for their outstanding contribution for presenting programs and mentoring other photographers. Those holding the Photographic Craftsman degree are considered the leaders in their craft, have demonstrated excellence, and are willing share their knowledge with others. Francie received her Professional Photographers of America Photographic Craftsman Degree in January of 2014.

    Q: What is FireHeart Photography’s style?

    • A: We believe that great photography begins with a solid foundation in technical skill and artistic expression. FireHeart Photography provides imagery which is timeless and artistic with a foundation of classic photography. FireHeart captures the candid moments as well as expressive group portraits and artistic images – which combine for a style which is unique, timeless with artistic twist.

    Q: Has FireHeart won any awards?

    • A: Yes - Francie is a local, regional, national and international award winning photographer. Check the link in the ABOUT section under Awards & Press for the most recent list of awards?

    Q: Why is winning awards important?

    • A: Entering International Photographic Competitions is more than a popularity contest or buying your way to a website award.  It's an independent panel of judges who choose who is the "best-of-the-best" within the photographic industry.  It take talent and a high level of skill do be successful in print competition.  What this means for you is that you will receive the highest quality and most artistic signature images from FireHeart.

      Q: What makes FireHeart so special?

      • A: FireHeart Photography is a boutique wedding and portrait studio. Wedding commissions are limited to 20 per year so that we can provide you with the highest quality, best service and most artistic images. We want to capture memories for you that will last a lifetime. We consider it a privilege to be chosen by our clients and take that honor very seriously while still having fun in the process..

      Q: Does FireHeart photograph other things besides wedding?

      • A: Yes – However, weddings are our top priority and our core business. We do schedule a limited number of maternity and newborn, family portraits, senior portraits, and individual portraits each year which do not conflict with our wedding clients. Many of our previous brides and grooms commission us for family portraits and during that special time when two become three. We want you as a customer for life.

      Q: Is FireHeart available for events other than weddings?

      • A: Yes – we do cover other events if our schedules permit. Please contact us for availability of one of our team members.

      Q: Does FireHeart Photography provide digital images?

      • A: Yes – we offer digital images to all of our clients and encourage all of our clients to purchase albums and wall art. We know you want those digital images, so rest assured you will get them. We don’t know what the digital format will be in the future, so to insure you have your wedding day memories preserved we strongly encourage all of our clients to invest in an album and wall art because we know this will be around for generations to come.

      Q: What is Print Credit?

      • A: With many of our commission we provide a “print credit” which is a designated amount of money which you have in credit to purchase wall art or individual prints.

      Q: What types of Albums does FireHeart offer?

      • A: We carry a luxury line of wedding albums made of the highest quality leathers and hand crafted to perfection. FireHeart Photography offers a lifetime guarantee on the craftsmanship of all our albums.

      Q: How long does it take to get my images?

      • A:We take great pride that for the majority of our clients they receive their images within 7 days of their portrait session and our wedding clients receive their images within 14 days. There are exceptions to this but we will let you know in advanced of your session or wedding will take longer due to travel schedule or vacation.

      Q: Can I see a complete wedding?

      • A: Yes – Francie would love to show you exactly what clients receive so that you can see the difference.

      Q: My venue is very dark. How do you work in this kind of light?

      • A: As professionals we have learned to work in any lighting conditions and specialize in creating stunning images in low light. Francie is a Master Photographer and Certified Professional Photographer. She has learned to work effectively in any lighting conditions where it looks natural and not "flashy."

      Q: Do you deliver every image you take?

      • A: No we do not. We select only the best images for you. Our criteria for an image is simple: In focus, well exposed, great expressions, a minimum of one face & emotion.

      Q: How many images will I receive?

      • A: We do not limit the number of images we deliver. Much of this depends on the length of your wedding and activities during the wedding. Our focus is always Quality vs Quantity – anyone can give you quantity, but only true professionals can provide you with high quality images. For weddings, you will typically receive approximately 100 images for every hour we are at your wedding.

      Q: Is all the editing done in house?

      • A:Yes – Francie believes that each couple is unique and so should the style of the imagery and the only way not to get that cookie cutter look is for her to personally enhance your images and create art for you.

      Q: Do you edit every image we receive?’

      • A: We take great pride in the fact that we get images correct in camera. This is because we have trained for years to not have to “fix” images through editing after the wedding. The post production process includes meticulously looking at every image to ensure clarity, color and composition and enhancing any image which might need it.

      Q: What is Photo-Finishing Artist Favorites?

      • A: Francie provides all of her wedding clients “Artist FAVs” these images tell the story of your wedding from start to finish. This is typically 200-250 images from your day which receive additional enhancements. Photo-Finishing includes: skin smoothing, eye clarity, slimming of areas which might need a little help, detail boost, custom cropping, stylistic artist edits.

      Q: How is Photo-Finishing different than Editing?

      • A: Photo-finishing is an enhancement of a technically correct image. Editing is “fixing” an image which is not technically correct out of the camera.

      Q: How do I receive my images?

      • A: Wedding day images are provided on a FireHeart Photography flash drive in a beautiful custom box with some special surprises as well. Engagement, Bridal and portraits are delivered via DropBox.

      Q: How long to do I have to order images?

      • A: Your gallery will remain on the FireHeart Photography Website for 6 months and would like for you to order images within this time. We will retain all of your images on our computer for one year and you have up to one year after your wedding to order your album.

      Q: How long do I have to order an album? And how long does it take to receive it?

      • A: You can order your album up to one year after your wedding date. Albums take 4-6 weeks to print once the order is placed with the album maker.

      Q: What happens to my images after one year?

      • A: FireHeart archives the images into a bank vault – Request for images after one year need to be made directly to Francie and there will be an archival fee associated with obtaining the images. FireHeart does not keep images longer than two years after the wedding or event date. Lost Data Drives can be replaced for up to one year at the fee of 75. per drive. Archival retrieval is 125. And includes your images on a data drive.

      Q: Does your FireHeart provide videography services?

      • A: At this time we do not – However, we can recommend a professional videographer for you.

      Q: Have you shot at my venue before?

      • A: We have shot at many venues around Houston & Texas. As professionals we will do our research to insure we know exactly how to capture dynamic images at your venue. We feel confident we can photograph in any venue because of our professional skills.

      Q: Does FireHeart do destination weddings?

      • A: FireHeart Photography is based out of Houston, however we frequently travel around Texas and to other areas in the country for destinations for weddings. We only add actual travel and accommodations cost to the artist fees for destination weddings.

      Q: Do you Blog Every event and Wedding?

      • A: We blog the majority of the weddings and events we cover. However, we have high profile clients who may not want to have their images shared with the world and we honor this commitment to privacy. We also love when clients will share their story with us and provide us all the details of the wedding so we can include this in the blog. Contact Francie for the Blog Information Form password so we can make sure we have everything for your blog entry.

      Q: When do you schedule engagement and bridal sessions?

      • A: Because our weekends are filled with weddings and many amateur photographers are out on the weekends, we schedule engagement and bridal session’s on a weekday late afternoon or morning. Locations during the week are not crowded and provide for more relaxed portraits.

      Q: What should I wear for my session?

      • A: Styling for a session is very important so we provide you with a PDF on what to wear to make your session and you look fabulous!

      Q: Our schedule or location does not allow us to meet with you; are there any other option?

      • A: Francie would love to meet with you prior to your first session or wedding; however she understands that does not always work into your schedule. She can arrange a phone consultation were she can walk you through all of your options and show you her online portfolio.

      Q: Is there an additional fee if we pay via credit card?

      • A: No, it's against Texas State Law to add fees to credit card transactions

      Q: Do you charge tax?

      • A: Yes the state of Texas requires all photographers to charge tax.

      Q; Are there any hidden fees?

      • A: No, we want you to specifically budget for your wedding photography so we provide all of our artist fees to you. Because FireHeart Photography pays a 3% processing fee, we prefer you pay by check

      Q. Does FireHeart provide discounts?

      • A: We hope you see the value in our work and we are priced extremely competitively, so we do not offer discounts.

      Q: How do I reserve FireHeart Photography for my wedding?

      • A: All dates are reserved once we receive your signed contract and non-refundable retainer is received. Dates and fees are not guaranteed until both of these are received.

      Q: We have other questions, how do we contact you?

      • A: Just complete the contact information and Francie will be back with you within one business day.