Q: What’s a CPP? Certified Professional Photographer?

Q: What is a Master Photographer?

Q: What is a Cr.Photog.? Photographic Craftsman?

Q: What is FireHeart Photography’s style?

Q: Has FireHeart won any awards?

Q: Why is winning awards important?

Q: What makes FireHeart so special?

Q: Does FireHeart photograph other things besides wedding?

Q: Is FireHeart available for events other than weddings?

Q: Does FireHeart Photography provide digital images?

Q: What is Print Credit?

Q: What types of Albums does FireHeart offer?

Q: How long does it take to get my images?

Q: Can I see a complete wedding?

Q: My venue is very dark. How do you work in this kind of light?

Q: Do you deliver every image you take?

Q: How many images will I receive?

Q: Is all the editing done in house?

Q: Do you edit every image we receive?’

Q: What is Photo-Finishing Artist Favorites?

Q: How is Photo-Finishing different than Editing?

Q: How do I receive my images?

Q: How long to do I have to order images?

Q: How long do I have to order an album? And how long does it take to receive it?

Q: What happens to my images after one year?

Q: Does your FireHeart provide videography services?

Q: Have you shot at my venue before?

Q: Does FireHeart do destination weddings?

Q: Do you Blog Every event and Wedding?

Q: When do you schedule engagement and bridal sessions?

Q: What should I wear for my session?

Q: Our schedule or location does not allow us to meet with you; are there any other option?

Q: Is there an additional fee if we pay via credit card?

Q: Do you charge tax?

Q; Are there any hidden fees?

Q. Does FireHeart provide discounts?

Q: How do I reserve FireHeart Photography for my wedding?

Q: We have other questions, how do we contact you?